• Tanner Clemens


This post is sponsored by Tyson True Chews and all opinions are my own.

Christmas… my favorite time of the year!  I love everything about it.  The Christmas lights lining the streets and creatively placed on each home. Having Christmas music playing throughout the house while I’m working at home.  And if that isn’t enough, the constant Christmas movies that are on all day give me so much peace and joy. I cannot say it enough, I LOVE Christmas.
With Christmas, I love that it is a time of giving and getting the chance to buy presents for my friends, family, and last but not least.. my fur babies, Taz and Maui! I don’t know about you guys, but it can get difficult finding new toys and new treats for my pups.  I was determined to find some stocking stuffers that they would love.  When I made it to Petsmart, I noticed this new product that I have never seen before…True Chew Treats by Tyson!  I was skeptical and needed to make sure that they are a good treat to give my dogs because I want them to live long and healthy lives. So it’s very important to me buy treats with good ingredients in them. True Chews are 100% natural. No corn, wheat, or soy.  AND no animal by products or artificial flavors or preservatives. I was convinced and had to buy two bags for my fur babies!

Now it was time for the most important part of buying a gift for my pets… It had to pass the taste test. To my surprise, my dogs wouldn’t leave my side the moment I took the True Chew Treats out of the bag.  I started feeding them a treat for each, and they were so excited about these treats!  I couldn’t believe how they were so chewable yet weren’t messy at all. On top of that, my husband and I have really began to focus on getting our dogs on a better diet, and we can see the benefits of having True Chew Treats because they are a great source of protein that the dogs can enjoy!  We decided to cut them off after two each, but we now have stocking stuffers that we know Taz and Maui are going to absolutely love!

While taking these photos, I tried to show the treats to my dogs first and they were so excited to eat them that Maui (our chiweenie) snagged the whole treat out of my hand before I could stop her! Taz, our Chocolate Lab, gets very excited and energized during our Christmas morning festivities of opening presents. So my husband and I find it difficult at times to make him sit still when there is so much activity going on.  Seeing how excited he was when we opened up the package of True Chews, I already know that he’s going to remember them when we open them up for him on Christmas that he will sit and do any trick that we ask of him because he loves them so much!

I recommend getting them True Chews regardless of the size of your dog.  They have no artificial flavors, no dyes, and are a 100% natural, which makes them a great choice that any dog can enjoy!  I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and make sure not to forget your pets during these wonderful time of year. Show them you love them with True Chews!