• Tanner Clemens

Treating Your Fur Babies

This post is sponsored by Tyson Pet Products, Inc and all opinions are my own. I’ll be completely honest here. Expecting our first child in a few months while already having 2 dogs who are our whole world and are literally treated like humans has created a little bit of anxiety for me. They’re both the sweetest most gentle dogs and have been around babies so I know they won’t be aggressive or cause any problems of that nature. But what makes me a little apprehensive is how they will feel when the baby is here and receiving so much attention. Obviously I still plan to prioritize my dogs' needs, take them on walks, play with them and offer up snuggles whenever they want them. But I’d be naive to expect things not to change around here at least a little bit!  I’m sure I’m probably worrying for nothing. And when it comes down to it, I know they will be completely fine and are going to LOVE their little sister - probably even more than they love me and their daddy! However, I’m still going to try to get ahead of the game by helping them adjust even before she gets here. One way that I’ve decided to do so is by spending a lot of time in the baby’s nursery and getting them used to being in there along with all of her new things. This was a room we haven’t really used much before so it is completely new territory for them. I want them to be comfortable being in her room and to feel included in their new sister’s life so welcoming them into the nursery and making it a happy and fun place to be is important to us. 

The best way that I felt that we could enforce good behavior and positive vibes about this new and unfamiliar space is by rewarding them with new and tasty dog treats! So when I found Nudges® Jerky Chews & Nudges® Protein Biscuits, I knew we were off to a great start. They are a brand NEW product that is available on Walmart.com and trust me when I say... my dogs went CRAZY over them. It’s also important to me that I’m feeding them quality treats so the fact these are all-natural is a major win in my book! The Nudges® Jerky Chews are made with real USA chicken that do not have rawhide or fillers in them. And, with their unique dual-texture of a chicken chew wrapped in chicken jerky, our dogs absolutely loved this special treat. I really liked that they took a while for them to eat too since they required them to chew on them for a bit, making them enjoyable for even longer! Then the Nudges® Protein Biscuits provided the perfect quick treat for our dogs!  They are crunchy biscuits that are also made with real USA protein as the #1 ingredient and have no wheat flour in them. While I know there’s no perfect way to introduce a baby into a home full of very loved dogs, it brings me a sense of peace knowing that I’m at least doing some little things now that will hopefully make the transition a little bit smoother for everyone! And the best way I feel like we can do that is by showing my fur babies that there will ALWAYS be enough love to go around. With the help of Nudges® Dog treats, I know that by giving them all-natural and tasty treats is one way my dogs will be reminded of how much we love them! Make sure to check your local Walmart or visit walmart.com to find Nudges® Jerky Chews & Protein Biscuits. Your dog will thank you for it!