• Tanner Clemens

Pregnancy Survival Kit

As I'm now in my 3rd trimester, I honestly have to say that pregnancy is everything and nothing like what I expected. I knew it wasn't going to be easy.. but I have to admit.. I didn't know it was going to be like this. I'm not saying it's harder than I thought it would be. It's just hard in different ways than what I thought it would be, if that makes sense? With that being said, I wanted to share all of my MUST HAVE products that I have used throughout my pregnancy as each new "surprise" side effect comes along.

Pregnancy Pillow: The first symptom that showed up for me was CONSTANT fatigue. I didn't think that I would need a pregnancy pillow until I started to get bigger and uncomfortable. But a friend bought me one early on in my pregnancy and I don't know how I ever lived without it. I have used it to sleep every night and for several naps as well! As soon as you find out you're pregnant, BUY ONE OF THESE! I promise you'll be glad you did. I have a C-shape one and it's great. The U-shape detachable ones look awesome too.

Comfy Pajamas: In addition to a pregnancy pillow, having comfortable pajamas made a huge difference for me. I was gifted these pjs and loved them so much that I went and bought them in another color. It's crazy but these pjs have even helped me sleep better. They don't bunch up, aren't too hot (I'm usually sweating at night and don't in these) and are extremely soft. Several mamas have recommended these for hospital pajamas as well as postpartum. They're a little bit of a splurge but are worth every penny! They do run a little big though so keep that in mind. I have smalls (which is my true size) but they fit great, especially for being pregnant! Supportive Sports Bras: The next symptom that I noticed very early on were sore breasts that grew extremely quick. It didn't take long for all of my bras to become uncomfortable so investing in some adjustable and supportive sports bras was a game changer for me. My favorite one that I've found is a splurge but it fits so perfectly and the straps can be converted to a normal bra or razor back. Dry Brush: One surprising symptom that I wasn't expecting was extremely itchy skin! I cannot explain how itchy I would get, especially in the first trimester. Using a dry brush to help gently scratch my skin was the only relief I could get. If you find yourself to be super itchy as well, definitely think about getting a dry brush! Then make sure to apply lotion after using the brush. That always seemed to help too.

Ginger Chews: My morning (all day) sickness hit around week 6 and lasted til about week 13-14. I was pretty lucky compared to the women who are sick their whole pregnancy, but I swear it felt like the nausea would NEVER end. I eventually got a prescription from my doctor and that helped more than anything. But before I was able to get that, these ginger chews helped a lot! They don't taste great (I'm not a huge ginger fan) but they did give me some relief from the constant nausea. I ate these like candy for weeks! Self Massager: For me, the aches and pains of pregnancy have been pretty constant throughout the entire thing. My shoulders, neck and back have been so sore and tight and getting a massage isn't an option until you're well into your second trimester. And now that we are in a "safer at home" order due to everything with COVID-19, prenatal massages have not been an option for me. Thankfully I have a husband who is always willing to rub my shoulders lol. But sometimes it's nice to just work out any knots that I have right when they start to bother me. Especially since they come and go so frequently. This little tool is a miracle worker for aches and pains!

Supportive Flip Flops: The majority of our house is hardwood floors, but I'm pretty they were placed straight on concrete so they already have wrecked my feet. My mom sent me a pair of OOFOS and while they may not be the most stylish things you've ever seen, they have saved my feet. And now that I'm pregnant, my feet have been so much more sore and sensitive lately. If you have any kind of feet pain, invest in these flip flops! Your feet will be so happy you did. Yoga Mat: Whether you like to do yoga or not, it can be one of the best exercises for an expectant mama. I've done yoga on and off for the last several years, but since I've gotten pregnant, it's been the only exercise that I've had enough energy to do. I just stream yoga workouts on my tv and do them in my living room so having a yoga mat is a must! Belly Band: I'm just going to say this... round ligament pains are no joke! I'm 28.5 weeks and I've started experiencing them the last few weeks every time I walk for more than a quarter mile. Walking dogs would be impossible if it weren't for my belly band. I bought mine when I was 24 weeks along and have used it off and since. As soon as you start to experience any kind of discomfort, back pain or round ligament pains, make sure to snag one!

Stretch Mark Cream: Luckily I have not noticed any stretch marks yet, but I'm sure I will start to see them appear as I'm now in my 3rd trimester. Regardless, I figured it can't hurt to start using stretch mark cream as a preventative measure. I just recently started using this the last few weeks, but I read a lot of reviews and this brand seems to be really great! Gummy Prenatals: I have been taking these prenatal vitamins since before I even found out I was pregnant and I absolutely love them! They taste great and don't make me nauseous like other kinds have. My doctor gave me several samples and all of them either made me sick or were impossible for me to get down because I couldn't swallow big pills for several weeks during my first trimester. I'll continue to update this list as I finish out the rest of my pregnancy and come across anymore necessary products that help make pregnancy a little bit easier!

Everything is linked below here. Use the arrows to navigate through and just click on each photo - it will take you to directly to each site to shop! Super easy!


Another few things I haven't been able to live without during this pregnancy is good skincare products as my skin has changed a lot over the last several months.

But I'll share all of those in another post!