• Tanner Clemens

Postpartum Supplies

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

*Update 7/7 - Since I ended up having a C-Section, I didn't need a lot of these supplies so I returned a lot of them! However, I'll tag my must have C-Section recover products here*

Today I'm about 37.5 weeks pregnant and we could not be more excited for the arrival of our little girl! Obviously I haven't given birth yet, nor do I have any experience or know what to expect. But a big piece of advice that I've received from other moms is to have a basket or a tote ready with everything that I will need to take care of myself postpartum. This is all to assume I don't have a C-section, but regardless I wanted to be prepared either way no matter what happens!

I'll tag everything that I have in my tote here that's ready to go, but will make sure to update yall on what products I found most helpful after I've used them! Also sharing my amazon storefront if you prefer to shop directly through that: https://www.amazon.com/shop/tannerclemens?listId=26FRKOD0HAL8N Just click on each photo you want to shop and you'll be taken to the correct link!