• Tanner Clemens

Our love for LIVE CLEAN® Baby

This post is sponsored by LIVE CLEAN® Baby and all opinions are my own. I absolutely love being a girl mom. I can’t wait to take her to get her first pedicure or haircut. I’m excited to get facials or massages and to be able to bond through pampering ourselves a little bit. It truly is one of the things I can’t wait to do as she gets older. But until she’s ready for that, I love to take care of her and pamper her a little at home with products that I know and can trust. LIVE CLEAN® Baby products help me to be able to do that every day. With their day and night time systems, I can help keep her clean any time of the day using products that are plant-based, have no harsh chemicals or preservatives and are cruelty-free. I know I can’t protect her from everything in this world, but I can do my best to make sure that I am using some of the best natural products possible. My favorite time of day is bath time and lotioning her up before her bottle and bed time. I even love to give her little baby massages with LIVE CLEAN® Baby Calming Lotion. All of the LIVE CLEAN® Baby products can be found in the baby soap and lotion section at Walmart or can be conveniently purchased through pickup or delivery! They also are the perfect shower gift for anyone who is expecting a baby or a great thing to stock up on if you have a little one or one on the way.

I feel so blessed and reassured to be able to pamper my sweet little girl with clean and natural products that I can trust. No matter who she grows up to be and what she decides to do, I hope she is always up for a little TLC with her mama.