• Tanner Clemens


For almost a year now, it had been mine and Chas' dream to move to Texas. For no other reason than whenever we visited, it just felt right. It felt like home. We've travelled a lot over the last few years and by far our favorite spot was Texas, specifically the Dallas area.  Maybe it's the fact that it's big enough to be a city yet still had that midwestern/country feel to it. Or also that it's within driving distance of the beach but still close enough to our families. Maybe it was everything there is to do is there, easy access to an airport, I don't know. Maybe it's all of that combined. Whatever it is, we just knew in our hearts that it was where we belonged.  So we made a 5 year plan to get there.  There were so many things that we needed to accomplish first though. So many plans, goals, life events.  As long as we achieved them and completed the long list, we could move.  So we set out to do so. Heads down, working hard, and living our lives in Oklahoma all with full intentions of staying there for the next 5 years. And as far as we knew, nothing was going to change until those 5 years were up. Or so we thought.That's the funny thing about making plans. You can write them out in full detail and even do everything in your power to execute them, but in the end, God's plan always prevails.  ALWAYS.Not even 8 months after making our "master plan" a wrench was thrown into it. One of Chas' businesses was needing to be sold and it was our sole source of income. So we had 2 choices.  1. He could look for a new job in Oklahoma in order to replace that income.  OR 2. He could look for a new job in Texas in order to replace that income.  After lots of prayer and discussion, we decided that maybe this was a sign for us to take the leap way before we had planned. Way before we were ready and way before we comfortable enough to do so.  So he started applying. To all different industries and companies to see if any place would be the right fit. We basically told ourselves that if he was offered a job, we would take it and move to Texas.
After applying to several places, he was offered an interview with a financial company. A few years back when we were dating, he told me he always had a dream of being in the corporate world, wearing a suit and tie every day working specifically in finances. (Sounds extremely boring to me but hey, someone's gotta do it) So when this opportunity came about, it seemed perfect. The only problem is that this was a pretty prestigious company and it wasn't exactly easy to get a job with them. Nevertheless, Chas drove down to Dallas for his initial interview where it went somewhat well, but he honestly left thinking that he wouldn't get the job.  Feeling dejected, we began to question if whether we were really supposed to move here or not. That very next week, we had planned to fly out of Dallas to go on our trip to Cancun and 4 days before we were supposed to leave, he received a call inviting him to a second and final interview.  Stunned with excitement, we began making plans to get to Dallas a day early for his interview and to also look at some possible options of places to live. We honestly did not want to buy another house just for the fact that we were so short on time so we decided that renting would be the best option. Rentals go pretty fast in this area so I began looking around, you know just in case. Luckily, I found one that we LOVED and I happened to catch it right when it went on the market so I was first in line. The property manager couldn't guarantee that it would still be available by the time we got down there so again, we told ourselves that if it was meant to be, the house would still be there.By this time, if we were to move, it would be in 4-6 weeks. So on thursday afternoon (the day before leaving for Dallas and then Cancun) we thought we'd test the waters and throw up a For Sale by Owner sign in our yard.  Keep in mind, he still didn't have the job yet lol.So Friday morning came and set out for Dallas before the sun was up. The first stop was Chas' interview at 10am. The second stop was our dream rental house tour at 12pm. Talk about faith lol.I waited in a cafe downstairs while he went to his interview where I prayed, ate a cookie and basically sat there too damn nervous to do anything else.  10:45am, Chas comes out the elevator, sits down in front and with a big grin on his face says, "Welp, they offered me the job the spot." Immediate tears rolled down my face as I threw my arms around him and gave him a big kiss. He did it. WE did it. We were officially moving to Texas.Now to find a place to live and miraculously sell our house in a month lol.Not even an hour later we made it the rental house that we fell in love with. Met the property manager, toured the house, still loved it, applied for it and by the end of the afternoon we signed on the lease!  That next morning we headed to DFW where we were meeting our friends in Cancun for a trip we had planned forever. All we had left to do was sell our house so at least we could take half a deep breath and enjoy our time in Cancun.Again, we told ourselves that if we were meant to move, God would provide. And He would provide a buyer for our house.For that next week while were away, we received at least 5 phone calls about our house.  We enjoyed every second of our vacay and the day after we got home had 2 showings on the house. Then that very night we received an offer on our house, which we accepted. Giving us a full month to close, pack and prepare for our move!Talk about a miracle. And a dream come true.So here we are now in Texas! We've been living here for 3 weeks and now and it still doesn't feel real.   It all happened SO fast that I honestly can't even believe we are here and starting to build our new life. We've already endured several speed bumps since moving down here (including: getting sick, multiple trips to the vet, car troubles, no wifi for 3 weeks and a few unexpected bills) BUT I still can't help but feel like THIS is where we are supposed to be. And everything, both good and bad, is all part of this beautiful mess that is our life story!