• Tanner Clemens


EEEEEKKKK!! I have to say y’all, this was one of the MOST fun blog posts I have ever written. Ever since we moved to Texas a few months ago, we have been piecing together our new house to make it a home and I have to say… it hasn’t been an easy task. When we moved into our first home together, it was over a year before we finally “finished” decorating so I suppose I can’t expect it to be completed overnight. SO my current solution is take each room piece by piece so I don’t get too overwhelmed lol. And I figured, what better place to start than the place that I spend the most time.. my office!

For a while, I have been all about the mint trend. Mint this, mint that, mint everything. And don’t get me wrong, I still love mint! But with being in a new state, it just felt right to try it out a new color. Let me tell you… it was good. SO good. 😉

Give me ALL the gold, pink, white and black! With a touch of wood. If you ask me, it’s the perfect blend of country and chic(ster).

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram at all, you KNOW that Amazon is one of my go-to’s! If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you’re missing out. Like REALLYYYYYY missing out. So, sign up for the free 30 day trial: Try Amazon Prime

Great! Now that you’re all set up with Amazon Prime, let’s get down to where you can find all of these beauties! I’ll start by linking the Ikea Kallax White Shelf. You can snag this at Ikea (obviously) and trust me when I say that it’s AMAZING! This shelf is extremely versatile and comes in black as well.
As for the decor, it’s all from Amazon Prime (minus the Follow that Dream sign) and I’ll be linking them below each picture to make it all easy to shop!