• Tanner Clemens


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

It’s definitely no secret that 2 things that I love a WHOLE heck of a lot are Target and my dogs. I have been a fur mama for three and a half years and a Target lover since I was a little kid and my grandma and I would go on Target runs to the town 30 minutes away from us.

I know I’m not alone with my Target obsession and it seems that the older that I get, the more and more I become addicted to it. I love it for many reasons, but the number one has to be that I feel like I can literally find anything there. And I always find the most unique and cool items that aren’t at any other store and are ALWAYS when I’m not specifically looking for them. Can anyone relate?!

Anyways, someone recently told me that the month of May is National Pet Month. (As if I really need another reason to celebrate/spoil my fur babes.) But I figured that a whole month dedicated to them definitely warranted a few treats and a little mini party. So when I found the Milk-Bone® Happy Birthday Canister at Target, it seemed like the perfect time to treat Taz and Maui to something special! I also didn’t want to wait for their birthdays since the Milk-Bone® Happy Birthday Canisters are only available for a limited time and they are just so cute that I couldn’t miss out! And also because I’m THAT dog mom, it also seemed like the prime opportunity for some new puppy hats and to snap a few pictures too because how adorable are they?!

I snagged both of their hats at Target as well! At my local Target, there was a whole new birthday section at the end of one of the pet aisles, so everything was super easy to find.

At any given time, we always have the big Milk-Bones handy so Taz and Maui each get one once a day. However, it is really nice to have the mini Milk-Bone biscuit now because they are a lot easier for Maui to eat being that she is so little. And as you can see from the pictures, Milk- Bones are without a doubt a family favorite at our house, so these were rapidly devoured. Thankfully there are several mini Milk-Bones in the Milk-Bone® Happy Birthday Canister so we have plenty left to last us for a while!

What I also love about Milk-Bones is that they are made in the USA and they are healthy and wholesome treats that come from the heart. Therefore, I don’t feel bad for giving my dogs a few treats and the fact that the Milk-Bone® Happy Birthday Canister includes an assortment of 5 delicious flavors: bacon flavor, beef flavor, chicken flavor, sausage flavor, and turkey flavor just makes it even more fun to be able to surprised them and feed them different kinds!

If you have a fur baby birthday or “gotcha day” coming up – or maybe you just want to celebrate National Pet Month like me – then head to Target and show your dog how much you

love them with the festive and delicious flavors of wholesome Milk-Bone® dog treats.

And in the case that you want to save a pretty penny (I mean, who doesn’t?) from May 19th through June 2nd there are several Cartwheel offers that you can take advantage of for several other products. I’ll list them along with the links here for your convenience to save with Cartwheel: ● Milk-bone: 10% off any Milk-Bone dog treats https://cartwheel.target.com/o/milk-bone-dog-treats/-/216764?lnk=dNav_cartwheel ● Pup-Peroni: 15% off any Pup-Peroni dog treats https://cartwheel.target.com/o/pup-peroni-dog-treats/-/216918?lnk=dNav_cartwheel ● Milo’s Kitchen: 15% off any Milo’s Kitchen dog treats https://cartwheel.target.com/o/milo_n_x27s-kitchen-dog-treats/-/216916?lnk=dNav_cartwheel ● Canine Carry Outs: 15% off any Canine Carry outs dog treats https://cartwheel.target.com/o/canine-carry-outs/-/216917?lnk=dNav_cartwheel I hope you all enjoy spoiling your pups as much as I do!