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Hospital Bag

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

*Update 7/18 - I'm tagging all of my must have hospital bag items that I couldn't have gone without and also the items I wish I would have brought! Also, I'm really glad that I packed extra outfits for her and hubby. Since I ended up having to have a c-section, we had to stay longer than expected so the extra clothes definitely came in handy!*

For us:

For baby:

For me:

For hubby:


I'm excited to share everything I'm packing in my hospital bag with you all! Again, I'm a first time mom and KNOW I'm packing way too much - so no need to tell me that lol. Overpacking is a comfort thing for me and I'd rather live and learn and will narrow down (maybe) for our future kiddos. I would just rather be safe than sorry and I know a lot of you mamas feel the same way! There might even be a few things I'm forgetting so if you see that I missed something, let me know and I'd love to add it on. :)

Listing everything out here - and I'll link everything below that I can! You can also refer to my IG story highlights to see videos of everything.

This is all subject to change as I think of more things to throw in here lol.

Mom: Pillow Blanket Robe Black Pajamas Nursing Bra

Nursing Tanks Sleep Nursing Bra


Slides Flip Flops

2 Pairs Fuzzy Socks Toiletries Laptop

Phone Charger Tshirt

Joggers Cardigan Peri Bottle Perineal Spray Belly Wrap

Mama Necklace

Baby: Boppy

Baby Blanket Newborn Footie PJ

0-3 Month Footie PJ

2 Gowns Newborn Onesie 0-3 Month Onesie 2 Swaddles

1 Zip Swaddle

1 Swaddle Blanket Pacifiers

Pacifier Clip Bows


Mittens Going Home Outfit

Car Seat Cover Name Sticker

Letterboard Diaper Bag (only if you have a longish drive) Breast Pump & Bag (just in case) Bottle

Dad: Phone Charger Toiletries

Towel Laptop

Snacks Hat 2 Tshirts

1 Pair of Shorts

1 Pair of Joggers

1 Sweatshirt

2 Pairs of Underwear 2 Pairs of Socks Slides Towel Random: Packing Cubes Camera


Sound Machine

Chapstick Tripod Act Dry Mouth


Portable Multi Charger If you want to shop just the items from amazon, you can do so on my store front here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/tannerclemens?listId=4YVYWMZOD3QL Everything that I could link in my hospital bag is listed here: *Just click on the photo of each item and you'll be linked directly to where you can shop!*