• Tanner Clemens

Homemade Dog Food

I've been wanting to write this post for a while as this seems to be one of the most asked about topics lately. But I wanted to make sure that the dog recipe I was using was finalized and I was done tweaking it before sharing it. And I think we are FINALLY there!

Let me start off by saying that I am no vet, nutritionist or dog food expert. So by no means am I claiming that this recipe is suited for your pup. I've just found this to be what works best for my dogs right now.

The whole reasoning behind me wanting to make their dog food was to help my chocolate lab lose weight. He got up to 101lbs and ideally should be around 85lbs. I've tried everything from eliminating free feeding, switching dog foods, increasing his exercise (he's a very active dog already), decreasing his food amounts and everything you can imagine. None of it worked. He was still overweight and then developed some fatty tumors as well. My vet said it was normal for labs but it was enough to make me take his weight loss plan even more seriously. Thus began the rabbit hole of research on what to do.

I looked into several fresh dog food companies that ship straight to your door. And while a lot of them looked awesome, they were just more than what we were wanting to spend. I eventually landed on Freshpet and decided to try that out. It was very reasonably priced and seemed to be a great healthy option. Both of my dogs loved it! However, it made Maui throw up each time she ate it so we quickly had to figure something else out. When you have 2 dogs, it's just so much easier to have them eating the same thing. Leading me to my last option... making their food myself. I'll be honest, this was pretty daunting at first. Pinterest had several recipes but none that seemed like the perfect fit. Taz has a chicken allergy so I had to make sure to avoid chicken. In addition to that, I needed a cost friendly recipe as well. So I took several recipes and combined them to have a balanced mix of protein, carbs and fat.

Since making their dog food, Taz has lost 13lbs and his coat is SO silky and smooth. Maui didn't need to lose weight but she did end up losing a pound and seems to be an overall happier dog. Not to mention they LOVE their food and go crazy when it's time for them to eat. Which makes me happy because they have never reacted that way over their food before. I know that making your own dog food is not necessary, but it's what works best for us right now so we plan to continue doing it!

Okay so here we go. This recipe feeds our dogs for 7-8 days. We feed them 2x a day. Taz gets 1.5 cups for each meal and Maui gets a 1/2 cup each meal. *We also use slow feeding dog bowls to make sure they don't inhale their food. I'll link the bowls below* In a 10 quart Crockpot: 2lbs Ground Turkey

4 Cups of Uncooked Rice

2 Cups of Uncooked Pinto Beans 3 Cups of Frozen Vegetables

8 Cups of Water 4 Table Spoons Olive or Vegetable *If we have sweet potatoes on hand, sometimes I cut up one of those and just throw that in for an extra treat and different taste* Cook on High for 4-6 hours. Use a meat chopper ($5 on amazon) to mash up everything. Let cool then store in tupperware in the fridge.

We use a measuring cup to make sure our dogs are getting the correct amount. And that's it! Tag me on Instagram/stories if you decide to try this out! I'd love to see your happy pups :)


Linking everything we use: