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Blakely Rae turned 8 weeks old today and I wanted to share our favorite baby products that we love and have used all the time within the first 8 weeks! If you're a mama to be, try not to get too stressed out and think that you NEED all of these things. All babies are different and we bought several things that our baby simply didn't like or didn't need. These are just the items that have been awesome for us and have made our lives at parents of a newborn a little bit easier.

I'll share why we love each item below and will link where you can shop each of them too!

In no particular order...

  1. Owlet Smart Cam: This is my number one must have baby item. Being a first time mom, there's no question that the job came with a lot of unknowns and anxiety. Mainly anxiety about just keeping this sweet baby alive. While the owlet doesn't prevent anything that can happen to your baby, the fact that it can notify you if their breathing or heart rate isn't normal is what helps give me some peace of mind while she sleeps. Yes it's an investment, but in my mine you can't put a price on sleep - especially for a new parent!

  2. Nuna Pipa Lite Car Seat: There are so many wonderful carseats out there that are top notch when it comes to safety and comfort. We chose the Nuna Pipa Lite mainly for the weight. It's the lightest infant carseat weighing at 5.7lbs. She sleeps so well in the car in it and seems to be so comfortable! It also pairs well with our uppababy stroller just by using an adapter.

  3. Bibs Pacifier: We love these for no other reason other than Blakely loves them! They're her favorite pacifier and I love their cute and simple look.

  4. Infant Optics Baby Monitor: Everyone needs a baby monitor. We love this one because it doesn't run through wifi, doesn't have to be plugged in all the time can have another camera hooked up to it for another child!

  5. Little Sleepies Gowns: We have several favorite brands as far as gowns go such as Posh Peanut, Lou Lou & Company and Little Sleepies. Little Sleepies are the most reasonable though and have such cute prints! She sleeps in a gown every night and it makes for middle of the night diaper changes super quick and easy. We love their zippies too!

  6. Angelcare Baby Bathtub: Blakely absolutely loves bath time and she has from her very first bath! I'm sure most of that is luck, but I also feel like she's super comfortable in this bathtub. I love that it has holes in it so that water can get into it and keep her warm.

  7. Tommee Tippee Bottles: We have several different bottles that we like, but these are our favorite as of now. Blakely likes to chug her bottles and these slow her down the most! They are anti-colic, have a breast-like nipple and are extra slow flow. The only thing I don't like about these bottles is that they don't hook up to my breast pump.

  8. Car Seat Cover: Our carseat comes with a cover, but sometimes I like to use a car seat cover just because it's cute and it also double as a cover up if I need to breastfeed. Not that we are going anywhere besides the pediatricians office during all of this, but it's nice to have and super soft!

  9. Boudreaux's Butt Paste: This is our favorite butt paste. We didn't have it when she was first born and with all the meconium diapers in the beginning, she got a horrible sore bottom. This stuff cleared it up within a few days. We use this for most diaper changes now and she hasn't had a diaper rash since!

  10. Munchkin Brica Car Window Shade: We haven't tried any other car shades but these are a must have. Our windows are tinted and still need them!

  11. Boon Lawn Drying Rack: I underestimated how many bottles and pump parts we would be rinsing. I mostly breastfeed and she only takes a bottle 2x times a day and it's crazy how often we have to rinse everything. Having this drying rack is so handy for the times we don't put everything in the dishwasher or sterilizer.

  12. Munchkin Baby Dishwasher Basket & Brush: Like I said before, we're always washing her bottles and my breast pump parts. Having the basket is so handy to put everything in in the dishwasher so they don't fall through. And the brush is the perfect size for bottles. It even has a removable smaller brush for the bottle nipples.

  13. Uppababy Vista Stroller: This is no doubt an investment piece and we were fortunate enough to receive this as a gift from my parents. The main reason I wanted this stroller is that it can grow with our family. We want more children and this is an awesome stroller to add and rearrange seats onto. It also comes with a bassinet that we use all the time for walks so we don't have to get her carseat out. Then when she's older we'll use the rumble seat that came with it. It's lightweight, folds all the way down, has lot of storage in the bottom and looks beautiful. Not to mention the quality on it is amazing. It has such a smooth ride and she always falls asleep in it. I did a ton of research on travel systems and this one fit exactly what we were looking for.

  14. Bubula Steel Diaper Pail: I've heard mixed reviews on diaper pails. Some people swear by them and some people say they hate them. I decided to try this one out and so far we like it. I like it because it can use regular trash bags, it isn't plastic so it won't hold in smell and it has a pedal to step on for easy use. We haven't had too many super stinky diapers yet so hopefully it holds up throughout that but I'll keep you all posted if not!

  15. Newton Baby Mattress: She hasn't used this much yet but we are attempting some naps in her crib. I love it because the mattress is breathable so this along with her owlet gives me some peace of mind when she sleeps. It also completely unzips and can be rinsed or hosed off. Which we have already had to do. 😜

  16. Spectra S1 Breast Pump: I absolutely love this pump! My favorite part is that it's portable so it's so nice to not be stuck to a wall. It's easy to use and I've had no problems with it. Thankfully our insurance covered most of it but I paid a little bit extra to have to the portable version and it's been so worth it.

  17. Hatch Rest Sound Machine: This is the sound machine of all sound machines. I swear by this and it's one of the things Blakely has to have to stay asleep. It has multiple different colors and sounds that it changes to and you can control all of it from an app on your phone. You can even save your favorite settings! We use this every night and for some naps. It can even be portable too but we keep it plugged in most of the time.

  18. Diaper Caddy: We use our diaper caddy all the time! We use it to change diapers in different rooms and it's so handy to have. The one we have is sold out so I linked a similar one.

  19. Touch Nightlight: This is the best night light for middle of the night feedings and changes. You can tap it to turn it on and off and hold down on it to dim it darker or lighten it up. It also has 2 different light settings and comes with a rechargeable charging pad. I love having this instead of turning on a lamp, that way Blakely doesn't completely wake up in the night while I feed and change her. This is a must have! We used it all the time in the hospital too.

  20. Pack and Play: We use this in the living room right now for changes because of the bassinet and changing pad on top and it's so nice to have. She hasn't slept in it yet since we haven't travelled but I love that it's lightweight and is easy to set up and breakdown. You can do it with one hand. We love the 4moms brand!

  21. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier: Blakely never wants to be put down lol. And I'm totally fine with it because I love holding her. But in order for me to get anything done, I have to put her in a carrier and she loves it! My mom used this carrier when we were babies so I got the same one and I'm glad I did because it works great.

  22. Baby Brezza Sterilizer: This is an item I wasn't sure if we would use but I actually use it all the time! I love that it gets everything super clean. I also put her pacifiers and my breast pump parts in here as well.

  23. Boppy Pillow: Get a boppy. I'm just saying it now. We use it every day for while we're holding her or when she's napping on us. We used it in the hospital too so pack it for that!

  24. Ryan & Rose Pacifiers: This is her second favorite pacifier. She prefers the bibs but will take this one too. I love that these can be used for teething too once she gets there.

  25. Portable Sound Machine: We love our Hatch sound machine the most but this is nice for when she's not asleep in our room. Great for the car and for your hospital stay too!

  26. 4moms Mamaroo Bassinet: This bassinet has been a life saver! It's so great that it moves and it really does help get Blakely back to sleep. We also bought the basket that hooks onto the bottom of it and it holds her diapers, wipes and everything we need in the night for feedings and changes.

  27. Soft Blanket: Babies love soft blankets. I didn't think that they would care, but Blakely loves being cuddled up in this blanket! The quality of this one is amazing and I love that it has her name on it.

  28. Boppy Cover: This cover is so soft and is the matching version to the blanket linked above. It's also monogrammed and is so cute!

  29. Contoured Changing Pad: This changing pad is great and fits perfectly on her dresser!

  30. Backseat Mirror: This is a must have! This mirror is shatterproof and big enough to be able to see baby in your backseat.

  31. Recliner: We tried out a lot of recliners and this one was our favorite. It's very reasonably priced and super comfortable. It's a glider along with being a recliner. We take a lot of naps with her in this chair!

  32. Bottle Warmer: We haven't tried any other bottle warmers but I love this one because you can run it from an app on your phone if needed!

  33. Haakaa Breastmilk Collector: This is something I never knew I needed. I use it all the time when breastfeeding and it collects so much milk. If you plan to breastfeed, definitely snag one of these!

  34. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow: Again, if you plan to breastfeed, this is a must have. It helps hold your baby up perfectly and makes breastfeeding so much easier. It also has a little pocket on it to hold anything you might need. I keep breast pads, nipple butter and chapstick in there.

  35. SnuggleMe Lounger: We chose this over the Dockatot and it's been great! She doesn't like to be put down much but she does like her Snuggleme for a little while. We really love using this in the bassinet that goes with her stroller! She usually sleeps in it while in the stroller the whole time.

  36. Ollie Swaddle: This is Blakely's favorite swaddle! We use it at bedtime and it holds her in so well. Now that she's 8 weeks old we'll transition out of the swaddle but this one has been great!

I hope this helpful to any expecting or new mama's out there! 💕

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Everything is linked here too. You can shop them just by simply clicking on the picture!

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