• Tanner Clemens

Blakely's Current Favorite Toys

I've been meaning to make a post about this for a while, but I wanted to wait until after her 1st birthday to share her current favorite toys since I knew she'd be getting some new ones! She didn't have many "big girl" toys so she's been having a lot of fun with the ones she got, but she also loves the smallest and simplest toys too! In fact, probably her favorite toys are straws, preferably the ones she takes out of my cup lol. She also loves playing on the dog beds and going up and down the stairs. All that to say, you don't need a bunch of big and cool toys. Sure, they're fun, but kids ironically always love things that aren't bought for them and are just household objects. However, if you do want some ideas, I'll share all of the toys that Blakely is loving that I can link. A lot of her favorite toys come from Lovevery so check out their play kits for some awesome toys! I'm not able to link them below but you can just check out their site here: www.lovevery.com Also her climbing gym is from birchandplay.com

These are the other toys B is loving and a few I plan to get here soon as well! To get a link, you can just click on each picture. :)

I'll continue to update this as she gets older!