• Tanner Clemens

At Home Milk Bath

I was a total procrastinator and didn't schedule Christmas photos ahead of time. So I decided to do some photos at home with my iphone and see what we could come up with. I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. A backdrop, lights, a few props and a preset in Lightroom and this is what we got! Linking everything I used for this little shoot:

You’d think for someone who loves milk and loves baths so much, that she’d enjoy a nice milk bath.

Guess not. Don't feel too bad for her though. The bath was warm and she did enjoy splashing and making a huge mess lol. A few things I would have done differently: Not take photos in the evening right before bath time when she's always grumpy. I would definitely do them in the morning or during the day. Also, don't get the bath too full. When I put her in, she completely overflowed the tub haha. Other than that, it was pretty easy to do! I clipped the background to the stand then steamed it because it came folded.

Set up the lights and keep them short so the lights shine on her. Lay the blanket out. Fill the tub with warm water then mix in some milk. Cut up the pieces of holly and leaves and spread them out. Place the baby in the tub and fire away with the camera. We had my husband standing right next her in case she slipped or tried to eat the probs. Then my sister standing behind me trying to get her attention. Taking photos of a baby is always chaotic so just take a bunch and hope for the best! The major tip for this is to edit in light room or use a preset to brighten it up and bring out the Christmas colors. If you decide to try this, tag me in your posts!